British Weather Blues? Yoga Can Help!

It’s not long after Summer Solstice but if it weren’t for the odd sunny day to remind us of those much-loved moments eating ice cream and building on your T-shirt tan you’d be forgiven for thinking it was October, not July.

Unfortunately, ‘muggy’, ‘muddy’, & ‘highly unpredictable’ are the best adjectives to describe summer this far but I’m still holding out hope for the words, “what a glorious day” to be uttered from my lips more than once in the next 8 weeks!

Moreover, if I can put in an order for sunny weather during my camping break I’d be very happy indeed!

Generally speaking summer is a time we place our hopes in; and bad weather can hit us hard! We can find our slightly unrealistic dreams of the ‘perfect’ holiday period being replaced by bored & unhappy children desperate to get outside and run off some steam. Relationships too can come under stress when we put so much emphasis on this time of year to act as a one-fix wonder.

But how can yoga help? I’m sure you’re desperate to hear so I’ll let you in on this widely known secret…

Yoga is proven to not only provide exercise for the body but also calm for the mind. And a calm mind with some ‘me time’ can refresh mind, body and soul. With its focus on mindful-movement alongside breathwork (pranayama), and a restorative relaxation at the end, yoga is ideal for stress release.

Unfortunately, all the ridiculously flawless and intimidating media images of incredibly flexible people contorting themselves into what are essentially very advanced postures – all done with a gentle gaze of course – can most definitely be off-putting. Luckily though, this misrepresentation of yoga in the West is just that, a misrepresentation.

Though it is true that some people can perform these amazing feats that’s not what yoga is about. To get the most out of your yoga all you really need to do is make sure you find the right class for you.

Tuesday’s yoga classes at Halo’s Complementary Therapy Centre are small and friendly. My favourite class to teach is the 10:45am Gentle Stretch Yoga for Pain Management & Deep Relaxation, here you’ll find a deep sense of peace as you gently begin to release old ‘stuck’ patterns of both body & mind and build strength & flexibility too. It’s suitable for recovering from many injuries as well because there are so many variations of each and every pose. In this class we work towards getting to know our bodies again and exploring our range of movement, learning to trust our own judgment of what’s right and wrong for ourselves.

So if you’re already wondering how on earth you’ll get through the summer blues then why not give us a call and schedule in some ‘me time’ just for you.


Rosie Haysom

Halos Centre of Complementary Healthcare