Qi Gong/ Tai Chi courses with Michael Aronow 

Qi Gong has been part of the Chinese medicine system for thousands of years. It has much to offer as a form of preventative healthcare as well as aiding recovery after a period of illness or injury. 

Pregnancy Yoga & Postnatal/Baby Yoga

Safe and gentle yoga classes for mum-to-be and mum and baby. 


Pilates & Post-natal Pilates with Aileen Ross

Pilates helps improve your posture and achieve the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. It is a safe, low impact and highly effective way to improve general fitness and postural awareness and a great way to relieve stress and tension.

Mindfulness Courses with David O’Mahony

Countless scientific studies have showed how mindfulness meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve health, well-being and happiness. It can help improve sleep patterns, increase focus and concentration and can also be used to reduce the effects of serious conditions such as chronic pain and addiction.

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Baby Massage Course with Debbie Rice 

Suitable from 6 weeks until crawling, the course consists of five weekly sessions, lasting around 60 minutes each. During the course you will learn a full sequence of strokes to cover the whole body, helping you become confident to massage your baby at home. The routine is broken down into manageable sections which are built upon each week. The massage element for each session lasts about 35-40 minutes with each session ending with social time where you can chat with me individually, make new friends or simply relax with a cup of tea and a slice of cake whilst your babies are socialising!


Yoga-Cise Course for Mums & Babies with Debbie Rice

A typical 60 minute class includes: some postnatal exercise, gentle stretches, breathing and yoga postures for mum which are designed to reengage your core postnatally; elements of baby yoga (including some gentle stretches, coordination and movement exercises) with a little massage & reflexology for baby. Above all there is plenty of interaction in a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to meet other mums, with each session ending with a drink and a biscuit.



Vinyasa flow Yoga classes with Rosie Haysom

Rosie teaches Vinyasa flow yoga which combines a series of yoga postures (asanas) in a steady flow of continuous movement using the breath. It helps to create a lovely meditative feeling which brings a sense of peace and calm while physically building strength, flexibility, balance and stamina.

Mindfulness for Chronic pain management

Coming soon.


Mindfulness for Health

Coming soon.


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Alignment based Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Beth 

Vinyasa flow is a style of yoga in which we move with our breath, many forms of yoga build on this including the very popular Ashtanga and Jivamukti styles.

In alignment-based Vinyasa, the focus is on protecting the joints, and not overstretching ligaments, by practicing correct alignment and activation of certain muscle groups. This helps prevent injury and build up a safe, long-term practice.