Helen Moynihan

Nutritional Therapist


Helen is a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach.  She qualified with a distinction from the renowned Institute for Optimal Nutrition in Richmond, is registered with BANT and CNHC and is also a Zest4Life Health Coach.

The quality of food and drink literally creates the building blocks of our bodies. Nutrition and lifestyle advice is therefore integral to your treatment and recovery, taking you closer to optimal physical and mental health.  Helen uses the science of nutrition to support health issues, such as: helping you lose weight, increasing your energy, reducing inflammation in the body, supporting thyroid and adrenal hormone issues, managing your diabetes, improving your digestive symptoms and supporting your autoimmune condition.  

As well as technical advice, as a Health Coach, Helen will also guide you through this confusing and complex period of change by making practical, bespoke recommendations to suit your current lifestyle, dealing with challenges as they arise and helping you towards optimal health.

Helen also works with external laboratories to offer you a wide range of testing from food intolerance testing to stool testing and hormone screens. 

Free 30 minute health and energy review

This is an exclusive offering to Halos patients, a review of your nutrition and lifestyle.  Includes a food diary review, health and energy review, use of Tanita bod composition machine and strategies that you can take away and action straight away.  During this session you are invited to assess your health goals and to see what support you need. 

10-week programmes from £295

Changes to your diet and lifestyle takes time and plenty of support.  Helen offers 10-week bespoke programmes with differing levels of support depending on your health goals and health issues.  Your programme will include a bespoke lifestyle and nutrition programme, nutritional information sheets, seasonal recipe pack, shopping advice, email support and/or telephone coaching in between consultations, regular use of Tanita body composition scales and regular review of your food diary.  She can discuss the level of programme that is right for you during your introductory call or free health and energy review.


What to expect from your consultations


In your first consultation you will discuss the history of your health in detail based on the information that you have provided prior to the session. Helen will then work with you to devise a suitable nutrition and lifestyle programme focusing on the goals that you have set.  The programme will include dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes and supplement recommendations, if appropriate.  As a health coach she may also use some coaching tools and techniques during your consultations. 


In additional consultations you will discuss the progress of your programme, the current challenges that you are facing and make any appropriate adjustments. Results and interpretation of any test results will also be incorporated.