Mindfulness Courses with David O’Mahony


8 week Introduction to Mindfulness course

Countless scientific studies have showed how mindfulness meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve health, wellbeing and happiness. It can help improve sleep patterns, increase focus and concentration and can also be used to reduce the effects of serious conditions such as chronic pain and addiction. It is now recommended by the U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for the occurrence of depression and can be as effective as standard doses of antidepressants in many cases.

The course will introduce various aspects of mindfulness meditation and explain the benefits of each. Meditation material will be supplied and for optimal results it will be necessary to practice short meditations (about 10mins each) two times per day for the whole of the 8 week course. The best way to approach the meditations is to see them as a relaxing and nurturing break from the chores of the day, rather than something else that needs to be done.

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing as this will help you feel more comfortable during the meditation practice.