Qi Gong/ Tai Chi courses with Michael Aronow


Qi Gong has been part of the Chinese medicine system for thousands of years. It has much to offer as a form of preventative healthcare as well as aiding recovery after a period of illness or injury.

It comprises a set of slow repeated movements of the body and arms but with the feet firmly rooted. The steady use of breath can improve poor breathing patterns and creates a deep sense of calm. It boosts circulation and creates strength and balance due the stance we adopt in the class, as well as flexibility in the body from the purposeful stretches that are performed in easy to learn sequences.

Tai Chi has similar benefits to Qi Gong but differs from the former in that it is derived of a martial art form. It is a slow practice but comprises whole body movements including stepping. It has been well demonstrated that, in addition to the benefits to the body, it is also a form of “brain gym”, forming new connections and improving body and spatial awareness and balance.

The class will start by focusing mainly on Qi Gong as an introduction and progresses to include Tai Chi forms, usually at an intermediate level.

This class caters to most abilities as long as you are able to stand comfortably. If you are curious but not sure if it is suitable for you speak to our friendly teacher and osteopath Michael who will happily advise you.