Vinyasa flow Yoga classes with Rosie Haysom


Rosie teaches Vinyasa flow yoga which combines a series of yoga postures (asanas) in a steady flow of continuous movement using the breath. It helps to create a lovely meditative feeling which brings a sense of peace and calm while physically building strength, flexibility, balance and stamina.

Each class ends with relaxation (Savasana) to incorporate the full benefits of the class into mind and body.

Both classes are friendly and non-intimidating.

To adapt this style of yoga to different abilities and needs, she offers two classes:

Dynamic Flow Yoga

This class is suitable for people with a reasonable level of fitness. It aims to build strength, fitness, flexibility and body confidence alongside creating a lovely sense of peace and calm through the steady flow of movements guided by the breath.


Gentle Movement Yoga

(Pain Management & Relaxation)

This is a much slower-paced class designed to help people experiencing chronic pain, recovering from injuries or needing an easy and relaxing class.

It incorporates a lot of breathing relaxation and gentle postures in a slow relaxing flow.

It works well to balance the hectic lifestyles we often lead nowadays. If you haven't practiced yoga before, or if you have an injury, then this class will be perfect for you. 

 Both classes are booked through the teacher, please call the clinic with your details and Rosie will call you to discuss your needs and advise you which class to take.