Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage can help ease and soothe you during the exciting journey from prenatal to postnatal, Pregnancy Massage is available from your 12 week scan.

Pregnancy Massage can help: reduce stress levels; decrease swelling/oedema; relieve aches and pains; promote more restful sleep and many other pregnancy related conditions whilst also bringing a sense of calm to mother-to-be and baby.

The positioning of pregnancy massage is slightly different to a traditional massage in that it can be done side lying or on a birthing ball to ensure a comfortable and truly relaxing massage.

Post-natal Massage

Are you a new mum looking for some much needed 'mum-time'? Are you experiencing muscle aches and pains since giving birth?

After having a baby is the time when you need a massage the most. Your body has been through a great deal and you definitely need some TLC! The postnatal period is a time for healing, rest and recovery, and massage can help with that process. Whether you are just in need of some ‘mum-time’ or are experiencing muscle aches and pain, the postnatal massage is designed to make you feel good again.

Therapeutic and remedial massage techniques are used to: help new mums de-stress; help c-section and diastasis recovery; help improve 'mum posture'; release knots and muscular tension from feeding or holding your baby and help to minimise postnatal related aches and pains.

Conception & Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology can help you during conception, pregnancy and the postnatal period.

If you are trying to conceive, reflexology can help you and your partner on both a physical and emotional level. It can promote relaxation, relieve tension and help with de-stressing; this in itself can be very beneficial for conception as feeling stressed can be detrimental to the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Reflexology allows you to have time out where you can clear your mind and totally relax.

Maternity (Pregnancy) Reflexology can be of great support to you as it aims to optimise your physical and emotional health whilst you are pregnant. By receiving reflexology during pregnancy you will be able to focus purely on yourself and your growing baby without the demands of everyday life.

Postnatal Reflexology promotes deep relaxation and allows you some quiet time where you can restore your strength and energy and help re-balance your body as you recover from the birth. If you bring baby too, they will usually sleep peacefully on your tummy, helping to promote their first language of touch.