Michael Aronow

B.Ost BA(hons) PGCE


Michael co-founded the Halos centre after working in clinics in London and Sevenoaks for many years and currently dividing his time between a busy practice in Sevenoaks and Halos. His experience has made him a well-rounded practitioner who enjoys treating people of all ages and all backgrounds.

Over the years Michael has accrued a wide variety of osteopathic techniques including joint manipulations and fascial techniques but he also uses subtle approaches such as cranial techniques where appropriate. In addition, a keen interest in current research in physical medicine has led him to attend many courses from other disciplines of manual therapy including physiotherapy which he also integrates into his treatments where relevant.

Michael also uses low level light therapy (also known as laser therapy) and Western medical acupuncture as an adjunct where necessary.

With a background as an experienced martial arts instructor he has good knowledge of how to improve strength, core stability and flexibility, how to prevent injury and prescribe exercises to return patients to full strength and health.